Meet Our Team


Adam Kelly

Adam is an Emmy award winning professional animator who created

the 'Go Go Brothers' video series with his two young children.

He has seen first hand the power of the arts, and how the simple act of 'making something' brings forth a new sense of pride and empowerment.

He truly believes that using art as a therapeutic process can be life changing. With art, 'you' are in charge, 'you' are the boss. And this experience is something that every child needs to encounter, especially if they are struggling. 

He hopes that the Go Go Dreamers Foundation inspires the next generation, so that one day their own creativity is the spark that changes the world.


Lisa Kelly

Lisa has been in education

for over 15 years. She has a Masters Degree in Special Education from the University of Michigan - Flint.

Throughout her career, she has

made it her mission to create

a learning environment that truly meets the needs of all students, no matter their circumstances.

She has always been inspired

by her own kids perseverance as they meet the challenges of their own special needs.

She hopes with the formation of the Go Go Dreamers Foundation that we are able to improve the quality of life for children all around the world.


Kerry Alday

Kerry has been educating children that have special needs since 1996.

Being part of the process to assist children in finding their abilities is her passion.

She does not want a child’s

disability to define or limit him/her, but rather she wants to inspire them to show their unique abilities.


Through Creative Arts she

would like to celebrate the different abilities of children with special needs and watch them shine!


Kerry became involved in

Go Go Dreamers after seeing the Go Go Brothers special talents and how much it boosted their confidence.

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Kelsey Holder

Kelsey is excited to be part of the Go Go Dreamers Team.


She has her Master's Degree in Speech-Language Pathology from the University of South Alabama and she grew up participating in various music and theater arts programs within Central Florida.


She is eager to see how her passion for working with individuals with disabilities and her love of the arts can meet to create opportunities for children to explore their talents.


She believes strongly in the power of music, art, dance, and theater in boosting confidence, increasing empathy, and overall creating opportunities to have fun